Challenges to access and affordability of medicines and health care in Pakistan

Published on:31 Dec 2015
Journal of Clinical Practice and Health Sciences, 2015; 1(2):19-21
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Ahsan Saleem

Address for correspondence:
Faculty of Pharmacy and Alternative
Medicine, The Islamia University of
Bahawalpur, Pakistan


Access and affordability of medicines and healthcare is becoming a matter of global concern and especially in the developing countries where nearly one third of the population is lacking access to essential medicines. Pakistan has a population of above 185 million and the majority is living in rural and remote areas where is lack of access to even basic healthcare facilities. The major barriers to access and affordability of medicines are the lack of facilities at the primary healthcare level, lack of coordination among healthcare levels, and the lack of effective policies.

Keywords: Access and Affordability; Medicines; Healthcare; Primary healthcare; Tertiary healthcare; Pakistan


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